Are you speaking enough to your Baby?


Your Baby's brain is Like a Sponge. In each passing second, it creates up to 700 new neural connections! That's why you, as a parent, have such an important role to play in their development, especially between years 0-3.


Now you can find out.


WORDLE exists to ensure you do the right things - at the right time. Using Natural Language Processing algorithm, this smart and toddler-friendly wearable tracks the words your baby hears to help you monitor their entire language environment.


WORDLE is a one-stop solution for parents.


Together with a companion app, WORDLE allows you to invite family members to your baby account and connect with early childhood specialists for tips and activity ideas.


How does it work?

WORDLE combines the use of the latest predictive and language processing technologies with a social platform built around your baby. All these features have never been put together in one solution.

Daily word count

Our wearable will continuously monitor how many words you speak to your baby from morning till dawn.

Stimulating activities

Receive a Daily Tip from our experts and learn more about early childhood development and parenting.

Progress tracking

Our mobile app will help you monitor your progress over time and suggest personalised ways to boost your child's development.

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Our Team

WORDLE is created by Neuroscientists, Educators, Engineers and Designers who are passionate about nurturing human capital and, in particular, child development.

Freddy Wai-hung Law


Policy Researcher and Project Manager in Education for Good, Serial social innovator and entrepreneur, Led 5 companies to success in private and social sectors in Asia and Europe

Fajr Mohamed

Hardware Design

PolyU School of Design, PG International Design and Business Management, worked as Experience Designers with Rolls Royce, Combi, Starbucks

Victor Chung Yun Lee

iOS Development

PolyU School of Design, MSc Multimedia and Entertainment Technology, NTUST BSc Electronic Engineering, 4+ years of iOS development exprience, from Taiwan